Taking the Laboratory into the Field

Please continue to contribute materials and citations to our website and share the information with others as well. See e.g. :

the Linguist List: http://linguistlist.org/issues/25/25-363.html 

For a review article on “Taking the Laboratory into the Field”, we would appreciate citations (and offprints, if possible) of articles, by yourself or others on this topic. This includes such phonetic methods as palatography, articulometry, ultrasound, airflow, and other measures of articulation, as well psychological tests such as reaction time, eye tracking, electroencephalography, etc. Any application of these techniques in situ are relevant. We are excluding audio and video recording, unless they involve unusual techniques for elicitation (map task, toy task, etc.).

Please send references to Doug Whalen (whalenhaskins.yale.edu) or Joyce McDonough (joyce.mcdonoughrochester.edu). We need these by the end of February, 2014.


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