Janet Grijzenhout visiting from the University of Konstanz

Psycholinguistics Research Group @ Essex

Janet Grijzenhout from our partner university in Konstanz,Germany, has be visiting us this week ( Janet.Grijzenhout@uni-konstanz.dehttp://www.uni-konstanz.de/grijzenhout/. She had many informal discussions with members of our group and other staff members and students, and she gave a series of talks: 

Monday 24th February:
a lecture as part of LG421 Phonological Development and Phonological Disorders: “Children’s phonological and morphological development”

Wednesday 26th February: 10:00-12:00
a lecture as part of LG202, Psycholinguistics:  “Early acquisition of English and German word order in yes/no questions” (work with Kristina Harder and Muna Pohl).

On Thursday 27th February, we had a Workshop on First Language Acquisition

  • 13:00: Janet Grijzenhout“The morphology-prosody interface and the early acquisition of determiners by monolingual German and bilingual Italian-German children” (work with Sascha Gaglia and Anne Gwinner). 
  • 14:00: Guided Tours of the Little Language Learner Lab
  • 14:30: Katrin Skoruppa“Milestones in infant language…

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