Workshop: Experimental and Computational Approaches to Linguistic Fieldwork

You can now book a place in our Research Methods Workshop, May 27th/28th: (you will need to register to book). (for more courses)

See programme below. If you have further questions, you can send me an email:

Sonja Eisenbeiss




Video recording and editing for stimulus creation and the collection of production data

John Moore, UoE


Field-appropriate experimental methods (with an introduction to DMDX and PRAAT)

Sonja Eisenbeiss, Katrin Skoruppa, Naledi Kgolo, UoE

Vaishna Narang, JNU


Tasks and stimuli for stimulus-based elicitation of language production data

Sonja Eisenbeiss, UoE




The ethics of experimental studies in fieldwork conditions

Vaishna Naran, JNU

Sonja Eisenbeiss, UoE


Introduction to Python: probably the best programming language for scientific computing.

Alexei Vernitski, UoE


Introduction to R for quantitative data analysis

Sonja Eisenbeiss, UoE


Mixed Models in R

Sonja Eisenbeiss, UoE

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