YouTube Playlists and Channels for Psycholinguistics, Fieldwork, and Language Documentation

I have created some playlists for my YouTube account. They contain English or German videos that I have found useful for my teaching or for my own training. Some of these videos are short and can be used in class, others are longer and would be good for self-study, for follow-up activities or as a preparation for class:



Useful videos and playlists for psycholinguistics, fieldwork, and language documentation – and many other areas of linguistics – can also be found here:

And if you want to see how videos or songs for children can use (i) frames for the presentation of words and (ii) an interesting combination of attention-catching animal sounds and the “real” animal names, you can check out my playlist with many different language versions of an animal name song for children. I find this very useful for psycholinguistics teaching as it is an engaging prompt for discussions about the use of babywords, repetition, and variation in child-directed speech, but be warned: You might find this hard to get out of your head.

Enjoy the videos!

Sonja Eisenbeiss

P.S.: There are also some video play lists about permacultue & sustainable systems and some video play lists about bees and nature gardens.

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