OpenSesame is a presentation and reaction-time measurement software with Python scripting option

3 thoughts on “OpenSesame

  1. Hello, thank you for a great list of learning resources for OpenSesame. It is really a great piece of software. I am going to try to learn it. I have myself mainly used PsychoPy and Expyriment. I can see that OpenSesame implements them both. Do you also carry out your analysis using Python? I am starting to look into doing that.

    Again, thank you for this list, really helpful,


    • Hi
      I’m glad you like the resources. I myself usually use DMDX for experiments and R for the analysis of data from my experiments. Some of my students have started to use OpenSesame, usually because it works better for them on a Mac. Thus, we have started to have workshops and resources for OpenSesame. Students using it here still tend to use R for analysis/statistics. I am currently looking into using both Python and R for some of my corpus work. Hence, I have become more interested in Python myself. Any resources for Python and OpenSesame are thus more than welcome.
      Good look and lots of participants for your experiments!

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