New Essex Research Centre for Research on Language Development throughout the Lifespan (LaDeLi)

Our new research Centre at the University of Essex, the Centre for Research in LAnguage DEvelopment throughout the LIfespan (LaDeLi), has just been approved. As part of this Centre, we will carry out experimental research on under-researched languages. We will have a public launch in the brand new Business School, on 2nd July, 9.00 – 16.00, followed by a reception. We have three great speakers lined up, representing the three main foci of the Centre:
  • Stephen Crain (early language development)
  • Carmen Munoz (second language learning and teaching)
  • Loraine Obler (language loss, ageing and impairment)

We will post more details nearer to the time

Seminar Talk on Syntactic Processing in Akan

On the 7th of November, Helen Goodluck (York) will come to Essex and give a seminar talk on the processing of Akan, a Kwa language spoken in Ghana.

Kgolo and Eisenbeiss in York

Yesterday, I presented work with Naledi Kgolo in York: “Taking psycholinguistics to the field: A case study on morphological processing in Setswana”

Helen Goodluck in York is doing some interesting comparative work on the processing of English and Akan questions.

Presentation at the 2013 Language and Computation Day

Sonja Eisenbeiss, Naledi Kgolo, Sarah Schmid, and Janina Fickel will present at the Essex Language and Computation Day 2013: “Experimental Linguistics in the Field: A Morphological Processing Study on Setswana Noun Derivations and a New Resource Repository”. Come and join us.