Experiments and Software

Eisenbeiss (2009): Using CHILDES and CLAN for Student Projects

Eisenbeiss (2011): Analyses of Child-Directed Speech (using CLAN)

Eisenbeiss et al. (2013): Collecting Reaction-Time and Eye-Movement Measurements outside the Traditional Lab-Setting, Using DMDX, ELAN, and CHAT/CLAN

Eisenbeiss (2014): Introduction to DMDX

Eisenbeiss (2014): Field-appropriate Experimental Methods for Linguists (with DMDX example files)

Galata (2016): An Introduction to PRAAT – a closer look at analysing vowels

Kan (2015): OpenSesame Tutorial

Pori_ELAN Presentation

Skoruppa (2014): Testing Phonological Processing (with PRAAT example)

3 thoughts on “Experiments and Software

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  2. Hello, I have a question about DMDX. According to the manual I need to have a PIO (joystick/hardware) to run the experiment. Is there another option where I can just use the keyboard instead?

    • You can use the Keyboard. “id keyboard”. If you do the Input test, you should see the keyboard and can try out the keys. You can also see what the name of the keyboard is (e.g. “Tastatur” on many German computers). You need to use the name you get from the input test for the “id” parameter. If reaction-times are what you are after, I would recommend a USB gamepad as it is cheap and provides more reliable measurements than a keyboard. If you need more keys as on a keyboard, you can get special keyboards that are more reliable.

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