#Linguistics Resources for Studies on Possessive Constructions

I am currently planning my new autumn/winter course on possessive constructions at the University of Cologne. The course will use experimental and corpus data to compare adnominal, predicative, and external possessive constructions cross-linguistically. It will also discuss the processing and acquisition of possessive constructions as well as language change. The starting point will be the project pages and references below. I am grateful for any pointers to further resources and will post further materials on this blog (as I have done for my recent course on “Psycholinguistics in the Field“).


Project Webpages

World Atlas of Language Structures (WALS)

http://wals.info/ , with several chapters and maps about possessive constructions


Manchester Database for English and Swedish Adnominal Possessives



The Prominent Possessor Project



Core References

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For further reading lists, in particular for research methods and tools, see https://experimentalfieldlinguistics.wordpress.com/