Statistics and R

Below, you will find download info, tutorials, readings and links to other useful websites – but first: an analogy that I found helpful in my teaching, for instance when students forget to load a package after installing it, forget to check data sets for typos etc. before carrying out analyses, …


R(studio): Downloads and Info

Resource Sites, Blogs, and Groups

MOOCs, Youtube, Webinars

General Introduction, Cheat Sheets, and Overview

Useful Packages for Linguistics & Psychology

Working with Strings and Regular Expressions (RegEx)

Importing and Exploring Data

Descriptive Statistics and Basic Test Statistics

(Mixed Effects) Regression Models

Vowel Analysis

Online R and Statistics textbooks

See also my Statistics Reading List

R vs. Python: Free books etc.


You can also look at my Pinterest or teaching material list, but first – how about some cooking with R?



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